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Bayside Development Stirs Controversy With "Poor Doors"

There's an old saying that "a golden key can open any door." It would seem that the adage is particularly relevant to Toronto these days with Aqualina, a new waterfront development slated for completion in 2018, purportedly adopting the controversial "poor door" arrangement. What that means that According to Metro Toronto, the "massive development… will include 225 market-rate condominiums and 80 affordable rental units for artists and their families on the west and north sides of the first to ninth floors in the same building." The practice is set to be banned in New York City where appalled residents have described it as a form of economic apartheid. It's unclear if Toronto City Council will take similar steps to ban the practice but for now it looks as though Aqualina will proceed as planned. Speaking to Metro Toronto, ward councillor Pam McConnell said "[w]e don't have any poor doors here. What we do have is different management companies and different management arrangements... New York is New York … they're much more used to separating people in terms of economics." - Patrick James Bissett
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