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Single-Family Homes at Bayview and Finch Start at $1.8M

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It's by no means a stretch to say that many of Toronto's neighbourhoods can seem, well, a little samey. Whether it's the Victorian-style housing found in many of Toronto's older neighbourhoods or the legoland approach found in the 'burbs of Markham, there's a uniformity of design that can at times feel just a little uninspiring. However, for those looking for something different, a trip to Bayview and Finch could be just the tonic. Starting at $1.8 million, Crafthouse is a development of twenty dwellings, all designed with a decidedly modernist flavour. According to developers Orchard Ridge Homes, Crafthouse offers "homes where space, transparency, and crafted detail play an essential role in defining family living spaces that are more modern, more design-conscious, more relaxed, and more architecturally "crafted" to new expressions of live, work, and play." - Patrick James Bissett
· Crafthouse [Official website]