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Curbed Toronto Seeks New Part-Time Editor

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Attention, would-be Curbed bloggers: We're currently looking for a Toronto resident that's mainlined into the soul of Toronto to take over the job of Curbed Toronto editor. The job involves a weekday morning commitment blogging about the neighborhoods and development that make Toronto so darn special. We're looking for someone with top-notch reporting skills to cover a number of the beats this site treasures, including architecture, development, neighborhoods, and urban planning. Experiencing in online publishing is a plus, as is real-world reporting experience; the job involves fast-paced daily writing, and the ability to think big.

This is a part-time gig that pays commensurate with experience. Click here to apply and please put "Curbed Toronto" as the subject. If you've got a blog, Twitter, or clips, please include a link to them in your cover letter. Previous journalism experience and an obsession with the current state of the residential real estate market are major plusses. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly. Please note: realtors are ineligible for this gig. (But we still love you.) Thanks.