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New Construction in Bridle Path Sells for $14.2M, Sets Record

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Not a lot is known about the purchasers of this French-manor-style mansion except that they hail from mainland China and that they have buckets of cash to spare. Coming in at $14.2million, this Bridal Path home has set a new record for a property sitting on just half an acre of land. Finished in 2013, the home comprises 11,585 square feet of living space with an additional 5,645 square feet in the lower level. It kind of puts your 585 square feet condo into context, doesn't it? The house also features an indoor swimming pool (of course) and a wood-paneled library with a hidden door from to a secret smoking room were friends can chill over a Montecristo and brandy. The designers did a great job in mixing bright open spaces (such as the immense foyer) with more cozy, darkened hideaways. With all of that space (even the garage has extra space to lift three extra cars for storage) there is a lot to explore and a lot to get lost and found in. - Patrick James Bissett · The Bridle Path [Sotheby's]