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Bridle Path Home Back on the Market, Minus Hermès Bag

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[Photos via Zoocasa]

In 2012, the owners of this Asian-inspired house in the Bridle Path decided to try auctioning off the property along with a lot of their possessions, including a blue Hermès Birkin bag, a Versace area rug, and some miscellaneous jewellery (a South Seas pearl necklace went for $70K). The small goods all managed to find new owners, but at the auction's close, no one wanted to cough up the house's $5,000,000 reserve price. The home was put up on MLS for a while, but then withdrawn.

And now it's back, listed at $6,488,000. The five-bedroom house on Millionaire's Row has six bathrooms, one with amazing blue fixtures and floor-to-ceiling bright blue tiles that make the room feel like an aquarium. Another bathroom is all glossy black marble and wall-to-wall mirrors, with a round Jacuzzi tub. There's a smallish heated indoor pool, parking for 15 cars, and it all sits on a nice 2.5-acre piece of property where deer gambol and frolic. (They might want to update the listing's photos; the outdoor shots show the driveway covered in snow, and the huge double-staircase in the atrium is still festooned with Christmas garland.)

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