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That's Not A UFO, It's Aura Testing Its Stellar Lighting

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Stargazers last night might have thought they'd hit the jackpot when a bunch coincidentally aligned. But it was just Toronto's tallest residential building, Aura at College Park by Canderel Residential, testing out its distinctive vertical LED strips on the tallest floors of this 78-storey skyscaper. The gorgeous structure by Graziani + Corazza Architects is near completion and the sloping fin-like panels of roofing are being fitted around the penthouse. Two restaurants have also opened within the building along Gerrard Street, Scaddabush and Red's Wine Tavern, and their patios have been packed late into the summer evenings. Let's hope a wealthy Torontonian (and not a mostly-absent foreign investor) snaps up the property so that Great Gatsby-esque parties may be thrown and some locals will get a chance to bask in the panoramic view.

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