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Mansion for Sale In Toronto's Most Elite Hood - the Bridle Path

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The Bridle Path has always been Toronto's mini-Beverly Hills and if you've got $16 million or so to spare, you too can reside in this elite neighbourhood. 75 Highland Crescent may be a dream home for some, but its size and amenities make it seem more hotel-like. The 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom mansion would be ideal for a family with a gaggle of kids in tow - kids who will one day turn 16 and each require their own car and its requisite parking spot. The five car garage sits on a lot that's over 13,000 square feet. The luxury pool, plunge pool, heated floors, temperature-controlled wine cellar and wet bar seem to be de rigueur for homes of this magnitude. But the driveway snow melting system? That's some next-level luxury worth the 16 million dollar price tag virtually on its own.

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