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Lorraine Segato Glides Into Regent Park's Artist Residency

[Photos via The Daniels Corporation]
For x-geners who grew up on 80s hits, the Toronto rock band the Parachute Club will bring back a rush of good memories. Now lead singer Lorraine Segato is giving back via the Regent Park Artist Residency sponsored by the Toronto Community Housing Corp and Toronto developers The Daniels Corporation. She'll help youth living at Regent Park - what was once one of the largest housing projects in North America - create videos and music to showcase at a number of events scheduled throughout the year. But Segato will also help artists finish up the projects they've started. Their first project features an 8 minute gospel remix of the classic "Rise Up" (now named 'Rize Time'). The track features local Regent Park superstar Mustafa The Poet and his spoken word magic - including a powerful intro to the song that he dropped in less than 20 minutes at the Canterbury Music studio.
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