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What You Can Rent For $2,700 Around Toronto

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a feature that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Today's price: $2,700/month

↑ Let's start off right in the heart of downtown, with this one-bedroom residential suite at the Thompson Hotel for $2,600/month. You won't be a guest, but you'll have free access to most of the same amenities, like the pool, the gym and the concierge. With two large balconies you'll have a sweet spot to watch the hijinks in the Entertainment District, and you'll have front-row seats for lots of TIFF action.

↑ Moving on up to the Annex, you'll find this "radiant" (radiant?) two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in a detached brick home on Palmerston Avenue, one of the most picturesque streets in the neighbourhood. Rent for the two-level apartment is $2,725/month, and includes heat and hot water. Hydro's extra, though (probably because the place has central air). This is close to Bloor and Bathurst streets, so you'll have a quick walk to Honest Ed's—or to whatever Westbank eventually does with that corner.

↑ An even $2,700/month will get you this two-storey furnished suite at 77 Lombard Street, a newish low-rise luxury building near St. Lawrence Market. This is pretty big for a one-bedroom; there are two bathrooms, two balconies, a spiral staircase to the second-floor bedroom, and a storage unit is included in the rent. Granted, the dining room looks tiny, but at least you'll have a view of the spire of St. James Cathedral.

↑ Over in High Park, for $2,600/month you could rent two floors of this century home whose owners live in France. It isn't clear how many bedrooms this place has; the owners' website says there are three, but the floor plans seem to show four. In any case, plenty of room for a small family or a couple of roommates. Fun fact: the home was a Toronto Star in House of the Week in 2013.

↑ And finally: if downtown's not for you, there's a tidy bungalow for rent on a street full of big-ticket homes up near Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue. Looks small from the outside, but it's got five bedrooms and two bathrooms. There's an attached garage, too, and a huge back yard. But is the kitchen in the basement? And why is there one sad, lonely piece of furniture in each room?

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