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Cornerspotted: Fill 'er Up at Dupont and Davenport

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[Photos via Toronto Archives/Google Maps]

Yesterday we showed you another Toronto grocery store of yore (Store of Yore: that's got to be a vintage shop somewhere, right?) and asked whether you could figure out its location. There were a few good guesses—most of them putting the shop somewhere along Dundas Street West, from Manning to Dovercourt—but those were all too far west and too far south. As it happens, our long-lost grocery store stood at the corner of Dupont Avenue and Davenport Road. At some point in the last seven decades, Scott's Groceries & Meats was razed and an Esso station built on its spot. Even before Scott's store stood there, though, one of Toronto's lost rivers, Taddle Creek, flowed through the area on its bendy route to Lake Ontario.
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