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From Pole to Poll; Jilly's New Owner Wants Your Ideas

Now that the tassels have been swept up and the shiny poles taken down, what's to become of the New Broadview Hotel? The former home to striptease emporium Jilly's was bought by Streetcar Developments a couple of months ago, and while the immediate speculation was that the building would be demolished for a condo project (Streetcar are developers, after all) it turns out the company's got loftier ideas. They're looking at restoring the building to its original Romanesque splendour, and are actively seeking out opinions of Riversiders with a multiple-choice survey asking what should be done with the Hotel. Unsurprisingly, "sketchy peeler bar" isn't on the list of suggestions.

Do you have a great idea for the rebirth of the New Broadview Hotel? Let Streetcar know, right here.

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