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Hang Out in the Leslieville-ish 'East Village'

A grey, neglected strip of Gerrard Street just east of Greenwood Avenue will soon be home to the East Village Leslieville, a 31-unit townhome development by Urban Fabric Development, Aykler Developments (Earl Lofts, Manors of Earl) and architect George Popper (Leslieville Lofthouses). East Village Leslieville's units will range in size from 492 sq. ft. ($269,900) to 1082 sq. ft. ($569.900), and half will feature south-facing rooftop terraces.

Calling Greenwood and Gerrard "Leslieville" is stretching the truth (or at least the 'Ville's boundaries) a little, since the development is a lot closer to Little India (or the newly-coined "Bricktowne"). No one seems to be able to agree on just where Leslieville's borders are, though, so maybe the developers figured they'd just use the name and let buyers decide for themselves. Now if someone would just do something with the derelict Ulster Arms tavern, right next door.

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