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Cornerspotted: Take the 503 to York and Richmond

[Photos via Toronto Archives/Google Maps]

On Tuesday we showed you a quiet Toronto street corner from a century or so ago and asked whether you could figure out its location. One reader suggested the corner of Queen and Bay streets, and another thought it was up in Midtown, around Yonge and Summerhill. In reality, it was the sunny little corner of York and Richmond streets, near what's now the Financial District . Today the intersection's home to the Sheraton Centre Toronto hotel and the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Over at Richmond and University, where the Church of the Ascension stood, you'll find the 32-storey Toronto Hilton. Richmond's mostly used as an east-west crosstown route; York Street, the western turnaround point for the 503 Downtowner streetcar, comes to its end at the amazing cast-iron fence around Osgoode Hall.

Cornerspotter archives [Curbed Toronto]