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Big Reveal: Bellwoods Row House Asking $499K

And, now, the answer to last week's asking-price guessing game.

[Photos via The BREL Team]

Last Friday we showed you a row house close to Trinity-Bellwoods Park that's in desperate need of some TLC; even so, it has incredible potential and a winning location. Of the five price options presented, most readers (45) chose the highest number, $615,000. Sorry, most readers; the actual listing price was a low, low $499,000, and only 12 of you guessed right. The house, at 10 Palmerston Avenue, sold after just a few days on the market, so someone was able to look past the sagging ceiling and worn-out exterior to see the solid bones beneath.

What did you think of this fixer-upper, and what do you figure the final price will be? Talk it out.

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