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When $9.95 Got You a Genuine Piece of SkyDome

[Video via YouTube/Retrontario]

In this piece of Toronto's late-night TV-ad history, viewers were encouraged to "share the dream" of the SkyDome by shelling out $9.95 for a "commemorative keepsake of actual material covering the Dome". For your ten bucks, you got a chunk of mystery material that arrived "nested in a mini-Dome* (small round plastic box) with a "fact-filled brochure" (the size of a large postage stamp) and, bewilderingly, a "souvenir chocolate medallion". The smarmy voice-over does its best to milk Toronto's sense of pride in SkyDome: "Toronto did it; all of us did it." How many of these babies are stashed away in dresser drawers, quietly appreciating in value?

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