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Two Years on, City Finally Greenlights Mirvish+Gehry Plan

[Photos via Mirvish+Gehry]

After nearly two years of negotiations, radical design changes, public adulation and public outrage, Toronto city council voted today to approve the application for Mirvish+Gehry's King Street West development. A press release quotes David Mirvish: "While we believe today's vote was first and foremost an endorsement of our vision for the site, led by our architect Frank Gehry, we also believe that it is a clear endorsement of the city's development process and staff's demand for consultation and collaboration among the stakeholders."

The final project will have two condo towers (down from the original three); one 82 storeys, one 92. It will also retain both the Princess of Wales theatre and the two historic warehouses, all of which were to be demolished had the original plan been approved; one warehouse will become a 9,000 sq. ft. museum showcasing David Mirvish's private art collection. Finally, the project also throws in a new campus for OCAD, so its civic duty is covered. Time to call in the sales and marketing people.

What do you think of the city's decision? What's your opinion on the final approved design? Sound off in the comments.
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