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MMVAs: Kendall, Kylie and Chaos to Hit Queen West

The scaffolding and pixelboards are going up, the corner of Queen Street West and John is shutting down; that's right, kids, it's MuchMusic Video Awards time again. Throngs of shrieky teens will cram into one tiny square block next Sunday, hoping to catch a glimpse of B-list Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The MMVAs started as a small affair, shot through CityTV's open-window studio, but has grown to a million-viewer monster featuring international superstars like Lady Gaga and, of course, Drake. For locals, though, this is just one more Queen St. transit headache on a seemingly-endless list, with causes ranging from City Hall construction to TTC track work to Luminato festival street closures.

Is the Queen Street chaos getting to you? Let off steam in the comments.