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Big Reveal: Reno'd Leslieville Original Asking $1,059,900

And now, we reveal the answer to yesterday's Pricechopper question:

Address: 337 Leslie Street
Price: $1,059,900
The Skinny: Yesterday we invited you to guess the asking price of this fixed-up detached home, a Leslieville original. The majority of you, just over half, guessed correctly; the listing price is $1,059,000, making this the first house on the block to ask for over a million dollars (although for a brief time yesterday, the price showed as $959,000; it's back up now). The house was built by Thomas Hastings, who owned the parcel of land bounded by what's now Gerrard Street to the north, Leslie to the west, Dundas to the south and Hastings to the east. As one Facebook commenter said, the home has good bones—but after decades of neglect, it was in rough shape. The renovations have definitely brought the old place back to life, but are the sellers being a little too ambitious by asking over a million for it? Discuss.
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