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Surprise Lowball Deal Axes Auction of Luxury Properties

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In a shock twist ending, two luxury properties that were supposed to be sold at auction last week were snatched up by a secret buyer at the eleventh hour, forcing the cancellation of the cocktail-party sale and probably disappointing would-be attendees hoping for a free spritzer and some vicarious bidding thrills. The two properties—a 3,600 sq. ft. condo in the Four Seasons Private Residences and a 13,000 sq. ft. Forest Hill mansion—are both owned by mysterious entrepreneur Andrei Melkoumov, who's been trying to offload both residences since last year. Word is the buyer got both properties at a bargain price, but the numbers won't be out for a few months. For now, let's have a nostalgic look back at both amazing pads.

↑ This is 75 Highland Crescent, Melkoumov's Forest Hill mansion with accents of zebra and metallic-blue automotive paint (don't forget the Elton-John-signed red baby grand piano).

↑ ... and here's the 44th-floor condo at the Four Seasons. Someone must have really wanted that bulletproof elevator.