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Corktown Cottage's Neighbour Hits the Market

[Photos via MLS]

A couple of weeks ago we featured 29 St. Paul Street, a pretty little Corktown row house listed at $549,000. This week its immediate neighbour also came up for sale; 27 St. Paul has an asking price of $579,900. The two houses are equally cute, and pretty similar in size and configuration (27 does have a full basement), These are classic Corktown workers' homes, built at the turn of the 20th century for the folks who toiled in the distilleries and breweries that filled the neighbourhood back then. Individually the houses are compact (ok, some might say small), but they're pretty cozy. As an alternative, could some enterprising buyer buy both and combine them into one big happy place? — What Corktown used to look like in Toronto [blogTO]
Corktown's cutest little dollhouse wants $559,900 [Curbed Toronto]