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Pape Avenue Semi Wins our Real Estate Deathmatch

And, now, the results of last week's Real Estate Deathmatch.

Sorry, bunga-lovers; of the two Pape Avenue homes battling it out for last week's Real Estate Deathmatch title, the semi-detached home closer to Danforth squeezed out victory over the tiny detached house up the street. They had reasonably low asking prices (the semi is listed at $429,000, vs. $499,000 for the bungalow), but nearly half of you wouldn't mind coughing up more cash for a fully-detached house, the slim majority thought the convenient walk to the subway and all the delights of The Danforth would compensate for sharing a wall with a neighbour. 825 Pape, you're the winner of this round of Real Estate Deathmatch!
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