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What $1,100 Can Rent You Around Toronto

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Today's price: $1,100/month.

↑ Let's start off out east, at the far end of the Beach(es). This basement apartment near Queen Street and Victoria Park is $1,100/month, utilities included. You'll probably be craving the Beach's wide open spaces, too, because those ceilings look awfully low.

↑ Here's another basement; this one-bedroom near Woodbine subway is $1,075/month and comes furnished and has its own washer and dryer. MUSICIAN FRIENDLY!!!, the ad screams; apparently the owner, who lives upstairs, is a voice coach. If you're not put off by the possibility of being awakened at 9:00 on a Saturday morning by operatic scales, this might be the place for you. But what's with the weird black ductwork?

↑ The two-bedroom basement suite in this hacienda-style split-level home in Rexdale has an eye-popping tile floor that looks like a Qbert screen. The apartment's newly-renovated, and the kitchen does look bright and spacious, with new appliances and lots of cupboards. It's $1,050/month, including parking. But .. but that floor.

↑ This sunny two-bedroom apartment over a store on Brown's Line, in Etobicoke, is pretty cute, but be warned the building has zero curb appeal. It's a decent-sized apartment with a new bathroom, and there are skylights. Rent is $1,200/month, but that doesn't include utilities.

↑ If the Annex is where you need to be, and basements aren't your thing, you could live like a starving artist in this tiny "loft-like studio", with a minuscule bathroom and a kitchenette. The $1,075/month includes heat and hydro. Considering how small the place is, that's probably not a significant amount anyway.