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Beach-Ball-Coloured House Going For $959,000

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This three-bedroom semi-detached house at the western end of the Beach is part of a development that was built around ten years ago. The bright paint jobs and gingerbread details make the neighbourhood a little reminiscent of San Francisco, or maybe St. John's; that eye-popping colour isn't usually found around straitlaced Toronto. On a sunny Beach day, though, these houses look great. That said, inside their style is solidly middle-of-the-road contemporary, and not very distinctive at all; it's as though all the character budget was blown on the exterior. For around a million dollars you might expect something with a little more personality.

Still, a beach house is something to covet, and these homes don't actually come on the market very often. This one has some nice touches, too, including a detached two-car garage with a hydraulic car elevator. As a special bonus, the house has been pigeon-proofed. Does that work for seagulls, too?

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