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Send Us Tips, Share Your Pics, Follow Our Tweets

Curbed Toronto is always delighted to get contributions from our faithful readers: some of our best stories start with tips from you generous people. Tips and photos bring insider cachet to our daily stream, and are gratefully appreciated. Here's how you can get in on the action:

The Curbed Toronto Tip Line: tips keep us ticking. Whether it's construction woes (and whoa, this year there are lots of construction woes), a new condo development, an old neighbourhood grievance, or some other bit of local buzz, fire off an email to and we'll see what we can dig up. Your anonymity is guaranteed (unless you really want the credit—we can do that, too!).

Photos: got some good shots of a new condo site or a building demolition? Email them over to and we'll share them with the world. All photos submitted will be credited and linked back to your website, Flickr stream, etc. (unless you just want to keep it between us).

Curbed Toronto's Twitter Feed: Follow us on Twitter for daily updates on local happenings and published posts.