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Hint: Both Streets Start With the Same Letter

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Welcome to Cornerspotter, Curbed's guessing game in which you try to identify the location and/or identity of a particular building or streetscape in a historic photograph. Impress us and your fellow Curbed readers with your uncanny insight into Toronto and its past!

In this edition of Cornerspotter we present a typical street scene from the Dirty Thirties, when every corner had a friendly greengrocer with a bike-delivery kid. This photo may have been shot eighty years ago, but the corner itself has changed remarkably little; the houses across the street are still there, too, although these days the cars in front of them just don't have the same Boardwalk-Empire cool. The area was drab (some might say dodgy) for a couple of decades, but the gentrification of surrounding neighbourhoods is stretching out to our little corner, with mixed reviews from locals. Think you know where it is? Take a guess.
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