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Massey Hall Hits 120, Gets a Cool New Loading Dock

On June 14, Massey Hall celebrated its 120th year of hosting high-end entertainment for Torontonians. It's been the site of legendary concerts by artists like Neil Young, Enrico Caruso, Dizzy Gillespie and Rush, and it's hosted dignitaries like the Duke of York and the Dalai Lama (and when Joseph Stalin died in 1953, the Canadian Communist Party packed the hall for a memorial service in his honour).

As you'd expect from a downtown building that's well over a century old, Massey Hall has its quirks (and, some say, its ghosts). No proper loading dock, for one thing; all that musical gear has to pass through those big red front doors, which makes it pretty challenging to load in and out. Fortunately, the deal made with the Massey Tower condo tower's developers will see a big chunk of that project's Victoria Street side donated to Massey Hall to build a loading dock. That should have roadies all over singing 'Hallelujah".

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