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What $700/Month Can Rent You Around Toronto

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Today's price: $700/month.

↑ Our low-rent roundup starts in the Annex, with a shared-home situation near Bathurst and Bloor for $750/month. This place is women-only, though, and the preferred housemate will be a quiet world traveller who cleans up after herself. If you're not the dishwashing type, you can always eat off paper plates and burn them in the backyard fire pit.

↑ This Greektown basement near Broadview and Danforth looks grim, but has a decent enough kitchen. It'll run you $700/month, and hydro/heat/internet are included. And look, bunk beds! Whee, sleepovers!

↑ This one-bedroom apartment right at Yonge and Gerrard could be a good deal if you're a student at Ryerson, and there's a pool and sauna in the building. You won't have a living room, though, since your roommate will be using it as her private space. Rent is $720/month, including heat and hydro (but not internet). If you're cat-friendly and don't mind doing all your socializing in your bedroom, this place might be for you.

↑ The ad for this sweet top-floor two-room sublet in Little Italy makes it clear the landlords ("an Italian couple") give preference to female tenants—single female tenants. The rent's $725/month, all utilities included.

↑ Here's a clean small bachelor flat in Rosedale, in what looks like an impressive old brick house, for just $660/month, heat and hydro included. The bathroom looks tiny (but check out the pretty old fixtures and tile). That prison-bunk-style bed and the bars on the windows might give you second thoughts.