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This 50 Shades of Paint House Sells For $800K

[Photo via Josie Stern]

This three-bedroom house of many colours was a buyers delight asking $689,000 and selling over asking for $800,075. The detached property near College and Dovercourt is a cheerful charmer with two bathrooms, a basement rental for $725/month and a driveway with parking. No one can deny this home is filled with sunshine and playfulness; all the rooms painted a different and upbeat colour. The vibrant art deco kitchen is green, the living room is blue, the dining area is orange and the upstairs hallway is a bright shade of pink. The main floor is an "arts and craft" space and the green office upstairs multi-tasks as a workspace, music room and gym. The Rainbow Brite doll and the Benjamin Moore paint store would approve of this dwelling.

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