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This 3BR House is Feeling Rather Blue, Wants $949,900

[Photo via Re/Max]

According to the Brokerbabble, this exceptionally blue house in the New Toronto neighbourhood is a "wow-wow! Simply must be seen property." It's a renovated three-bedroom house with four bathrooms, a second floor walkout and listed for $949,900. There's a lot to love about this colourful property including the upgraded kitchen and bedroom, the wall-mounted television in the bathrooms and don't forget about the urinal. This bathroom caters to both men and women. Located in the "high demand beaches neighbourhood" may confuse some with the wording. New Toronto is in Etobicoke, near Lake Ontario and not the "other" Beach neighbourhood on Queen Street East. While there's still plenty of things to do in this Beach neighbourhood, this site claims one of the best places to eat is the 24-hour Rabba Fine Foods on the corner of Lake Shore and Thirteenth Street. Seriously? Isn't that a convenience store?

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