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Gehry Plans to Build Canada's Tallest Residential Tower on King

Theatre impresario David Mirvish along with world-renowned architect Frank Gehry have drastically revamped their plans to build a massive condo project on King West. In a new proposal to the city, Mirvish revealed plans to build two condo towers —instead of three —one at a height of 92 storeys, the other at 82 storeys. The city initially rejected the first proposal which called for three 80-storey towers due to over-densification in the area and the height of the buildings. In total, the double towers would have between 2,000 and 2,100 units, 600 fewer than the original plan. Also included is an additional 9,200 square feet to house art exhibitions, including Mirvish's extensive art collection and a facility for the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). The new design is quite unique with the taller west tower transparent; the smaller one, opaque. From the north, the pattern will be reversed. The revised plans also saves the Princess of Wales Theatre and other historic warehouse buildings at the foot of King Street from demolition. If approved, the 92-storey condo would make it the tallest residential building in Canada.
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