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Renderings Revealed For Gehry's Blockbuster Development

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[Photo via Mirvish+Gehry]

Yesterday, theatre impresario David Mirvish and world-renowned architect Frank Gehry revealed their revised plans for a massive condo development on King Street. The initial plan was to build three 80-storey towers at King and John Street, along with the demolition of the Princess of Wales Theatre and surrounding heritage warehouses. The city and community thought the plans were too dense for the area, the condo development too high. The revised plans which were revealed on Tuesday evening at a community meeting scaled back the buildings to two towers, one 92 storeys, the other 82 storeys. If approved, the 92-storey condo will be the tallest residential building in Canada (surpassing the Aura Condos at College Park which currently holds the title at 78-storeys). "The two-tower design will be sculpted almost like waterfalls flowing into a pool on one side, and on another aspect of it having a clay appearance," Mr. Mirvish said about the design. The developer revealed new renderings today of the massive project. What do you think of the newest version?

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