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Former Home of Famed Canadian Sculptors Asks $4.8 Million

[Photo via MLS, Royal LePage]

Torontonians who went to Doors Open Toronto over the weekend would have loved to tour the house at 110 Glenrose Ave. in Moore Park. Listed for a mind-boggling $4.8 million, the very unique home was built in the 1850s as a school house for the Deer Park United Church. It was later the home of Canadian sculptors Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, the Loring-Wyle Parkette at St. Clair Avenue and Mount Pleasant Road named after the artists. The women were clearly ahead of their time—living together as a lesbian couple and choosing a profession typically closed to women during the 1900s. The couple lived in their Glenrose Avenue home until the late 1960s.

The house itself is an amazing piece of historic architecture. According to the listing, the house was privately purchased in 1972 and the owners renovated and restored the property. Although the house has only two-bedrooms, the high ceilings and original character is seen throughout. Count the number of wood burning fireplaces in the home, making it feel like you've travelled back in time. The owners added a modern twist with an addition and light-filled space while keeping the original structure in tact. Is the home worth the high asking price? Take a vote.
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