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What You Can Buy in Toronto For $4 Million

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can buy or rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Today's asking price: $4 million

↑ Lawrence Park: Not surprising, this expensive neighbourhood has plenty of multi-million dollar houses including this one for $4.195 million. This 5,000 square foot house has four-bedrooms, seven bathrooms and although there's no indoor swimming pool, there's still a wine cellar, heated marble ensuite and large backyard.

↑ Yorkville: Here now, a condo in Yorkville isn't cheap and this two-bedroom is asking $4.25 million. Two bedrooms for that price? According to the realtor, move into this 2,900 square foot suite and you'll live "like a rock star." It's VIP treatment at the Hazelton Private Residences.

↑ Forest Hill: In this pricey neighbourhood, a five-bedroom house is listed for $4.295 million. There's not much bling (which isn't neccessarily a bad thing) and plenty of space for a home theatre and entertaining on the patio.

↑ Bedford Park: The main focal points of this four-bedroom house are the white spiral staircase and modern purple kitchen. A close second runner-up is the home's indoor squash and basketball courts. The 5,000 square foot house is listed for $4.299 million.

↑ Rosedale-Moore Park: This six-bedroom house was built in 1910, and renovated to restore its original character. The home is massive and stately with a coach house in the back. The property is listed for $4.5 million. · Curbed Comparisons Archives [Curbed Toronto]
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