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Mind-Blowing New Office Space is Floating on Peter Street

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[Photo via Allied Properties]

Holy crap! The intersection of Peter and Richmond Street is worth a walk-by these days with the construction of the new QRC West (Queen Richmond Centre), an office space development rising on top of an old building. Rather than incorporating the façade of the old warehouse like many heritage preservation projects in Toronto, the architects chose to build an addition right on top of the existing one. This engineering feat is made possible using a steel frame called a delta frame, not unlike the one used in addition to the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) building. Inside, there's a 70 foot high atrium lobby with some retail space and green roof overlooking the city. According to the developer website the "QRC West is a superb integration of old and new, office and retail, communal and commercial, traditional and progressive, inspirational and functional. It offers forward-thinking companies character space with impact." Phase One of the project is expected to be completed next year but the construction of the new development is seriously exciting to watch in the heart of the Entertainment District. Take a look.

· Photos via UrbanToronto [UrbanToronto]
· Photo via Twitter, @GMArchitourist [Twitter]