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All Night Party in Mirvish Village Might Piss Off Neighbours

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The Fringe Festival, Toronto's annual performance arts event, wants to extend their liquor licence until 4 a.m. when they host a series of dance parties this summer in Honest Ed's underground parking lot. The festival which runs for a week in July will host many activities including its pop-up patio and art market in the alley way behind Ed's Warehouse. This year, festival organizers have increased its festivities due to "popular demand" to three additional parties in the underground lot. The general manager of Fringe writes this letter to Toronto Community Council explaining that Annex area residents will not be affected by the partying, and the noise will be contained in the parking garage.

Although the sound might be contained, the underground lot is open without a garage door. The closest residential streets are Markham Street and Palmerston Boulevard, and neighbours in the area may voice concerns should the extended permit get the green light. One Bathurst and Bloor resident will likely be inconvenienced by the extended liquor licence. George Randolph, founder of the Randolph Academy, the theatre near Mirvish Village, parks his silver Rolls-Royce in the underground lot. The car has remained in the lot for the last several years; Randolph hopes to one day get it repaired. Should Fringe-goers be able to drink all night without disturbing the neighbourhood? Have your say in the comments below.
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