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Yorkville's $4M Majestic Masterpiece Awaits Its Prince

[Photo via MLS, Chestnut Park]

The owners spent $2 million renovating this "majestic masterpiece," later putting it on the market for $3.925 million. The realtor lets the brokerbabble flow when describing this six-bedroom house calling it "absolute perfection" and claiming it's one of the most "thorough and quality driven renovations in Yorkville," the envy of the neighbourhood. While neighbours may or not be salivating over the Lowther Avenue property, the grand home is exquisite. Built in 1895, the property was later declared a heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act, like most other homes on the street. The realtor is correct, the Victorian homes on Lowther are quite majestic with their preserved architecture and original character from the 1900s. Is it worth the $4 million asking price? Here's a much cheaper but smaller Lowther property asking $1.65 million.

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