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Crazy House With Blue Indoor Slide Sells For $1.625M

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[Photos via Right At Home Realty]

This four-bedroom, four bathroom house at 122 Poyntz Avenue in North York sold recently for $1.625 million, or $75k over asking. The home has environmentally-friendly features like geothermal heating and income-generating solar panels, and there's some pretty sweet custom cabinetry, but the kicker is its kids' play areas. The bedroom has a cool loft pirate-ship bed and huge murals of jungle animals and dinosaurs (not currently zoologically-accurate), but the pièce de résistance is the huge blue tunnel slide that swoops down from the second floor to the living room. When summoned for dinner, the child simply barrels down the slide and pops out at the bottom, like a hamster exiting a Habitrail; why waste time on boring old stairs when gravity could do the work so much more efficiently and amusingly? Curbed spoke to the listing agent, who confirmed the new owners are delighted with the jungle-gym features and are planning to keep them. Would you like to live with an amusement-park slide in your house? Discuss.

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