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Leaside's Oldest Home Saved From Demolition…For Now

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[Photo via MLS]

On the agenda at City Hall this week was the proposed demolition of a designated heritage property of Leaside's oldest house. Community council voted to reject the proposal to demolish the Thomas G. Elgie House (circa 1898), a former farmhouse at 262 Bessborough Drive. The house was sold in 2013; the new owner proposing to split the property into three lots. The house was listed for a mind-boggling $2.75 million. Owner Matthew Garnet, who is also vice-president of development with Renaissance Fine Homes, outranged local residents when they learned he wanted to "remove the house's north and south wings and planned to relocate the home near the front of the property, severing the current lot." The owner wants to construct a two-storey house on each lot. City Councillor John Parker noted "the original home and its elements are identified in the proposed designation, not the large additions that comprise a significant part of the present structure." There's now a hearing scheduled with the Ontario Municipal Board to appeal the decision.

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