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Here Now: 8 Really Old Maps of Toronto

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Thanks to Toronto's Nathan Ng, former historical maps buried inside online catalogues at the Toronto Public Library have been unearthed into a clickable format. His historical maps showcases Toronto's first century and vision for the city, delving deep into the city's past. Ng is a map enthusiast with too many maps to count starting back as early as 1787, showing the boundaries of the "Toronto Purchase, an area transferred to Crown ownership by a treaty negotiated between the British and the resident Indians in 1787." He also includes some very cool Toronto Fire Insurance Maps dating back to 1884.

1792 Bouchette Plan of Toronto Harbour

1827 Chewett Plan of the Town of York

1852 Liddy: Incorporated Village of Yorkville in the County of York

1857 Plan for Toronto West

1874 Hart & Rawlinson City of Toronto with Fire Limits

1892 Map of Toronto Belt Line Railway

1893 Street Map of Toronto

1902 Plan of Toronto

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