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This Mega House on The Kingsway Could Use Some Colour

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[Photo via Re/Max/Bev Jones]

Some serious luxury on The Kingsway with this colourful 8,000 square foot four-bedroom. The house has tons of natural light, outdoor pool and an excellent backyard fire pit. It also includes one of the Toronto's tidiest laundry rooms you'll ever come across. The home is designed by Altius Architecture, known for their modern design and eco-friendly materials (here's a peak at Altius' other Toronto projects). How much is this west-end modern dwelling going for? Take a look at the photos and scroll down to the bottom to see the price.
The house at 421 The Kingsway is listed for $5.85 million. Described by the realtor as a "contemporary castle," the spacious dwelling is not far from downtown Toronto and close to the highway. Think it's worth the asking price?
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