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Here Are The 4 Absolute Worst Craigslist Roommate Ads in Toronto

Craigslist can be a useful tool for finding a roommate online or sometimes downright frightening. From beer bottles to classified ads with a photo of Mayor Rob Ford, we've uncovered some of the worst Craigslist roommate ads in the city. Found another strange ad? Just add it to the comments below.

Hey now, rent a clean, bright room in this two-bedroom apartment at St. Clair and Victoria Park and perhaps the mayor might show up. From the photo, seems Mayor Rob Ford may or may not be a regular in this building.

Huge room for rent near York University for $575. According to the ad, everything in this rental price is included, along with a strange woman in your closest.

If you're seeking a tranquil environment, this confusing rental at Dufferin and King is not for you. There's photos posted of beer cans scattered on the table, an unknown food item cooking on the stove top, and for some reason, leftover onions and garlic in the kitchen. The potential roommate must be under 35 years old and bonus points if they are a musician. Renter Red Flags: There's two windows in the bedroom but only one that actually opens. The guy seeking a roommate is also a self proclaimed garbage picker. Beware.

"How the hell do five people live in one house and it not be disgusting?" Josh, his roomies and their cat are seeking another free spirit roommate for their pad at St. Clair and Lansdowne. The house itself is "super wicked and if you can't move a dish to the dishwasher, don't bother applying." Alcohol is allowed and from the photo, also encouraged.

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