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This Week In Strange, Weird & Terrible Toronto Listing Photos

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Today, we take a look around the Toronto real estate and rental listings to find some examples of the strange, the weird and just the plain terrible photos available. Come across one we missed? Send it to the tipline at or post it in the comments below.

↑ This shared house in North Rosedale has everything in a one-bedroom including bunk beds, a sink and oh yeah, a tree. It's renting for $680/month.

↑ This seriously decrepit house on the Danforth could use a lot of work, and this is one of the good photos. The kitchen floor is stained and so are the rest of the floors. It was on the real estate market for $429,000 and sold over asking at $550,500.

↑ This rental in Kensington Market might have looked alright with a little home staging. We suggest cleaning up the bathroom once and awhile, removing the bucket under the sink, and always put the toilet seat down. The one-bedroom is renting for $1,400/month.

↑ Here's a very festive three-bedroom in the South Annex neighbourhood. The ad was uploaded recently and yet the owners still posted a photo with their Christmas tree. 'Tis the season all year round for $3,095/month.

↑ This recently sold semi in the St. Clair West neighbourhood could use some cleaner tenants. The rest of the house looks pretty nice but the renters could have at least folded their towel for photos. The house sold for $925,000.

↑ This home in Milton might be spotless, spacious and gorgeous so why not upload other photos beside the living room chairs? It's a three-bedroom asking $314,800.

↑ This two-bedroom rental at Yonge and Steeles has the finest interior decor including the bedroom drapes that also double as the shower curtains. It's renting for $1,000/month.

↑ This short-term rental at Victoria Park is seemingly nice but tenant must love maps, especially the giant one on the ceiling.
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