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Toronto's Most Ridiculous B&B Chops Price to $2.7M

[Photo via McDadi Homes]

Curbed featured this WTF ultra unique bed and breakfast on Dovercourt Road back in December when it was listed for $3.75 million. Since then, the owners have dropped their price at least twice, now trying to unleash their 6,000 square foot "romantic mansion" for $2.695 million. The house with nine guest rooms and five bathrooms is definitely ornate, to say the least, one of the city's most bizarre B&Bs with interior decor to boot. There's sculptures, art and red carpet spread throughout the house. This home is somewhat similar to the recently sold "Vatican meets Barbie Dream House" in Parkdale. That home was owned by the former owner of the El Mocambo music venue and sold under asking for $1.95 million.

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