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College Street Turns New York City For Film Shoot

Have you spotted a film shoot in your neighbourhood? Share with the group! Send details over to the Curbed tipline at or share it in the comments below.

[Photo via Alana Charles]

A Curbed reader tips us off about a film shoot on College Street, east of Bathurst on Wednesday afternoon that transformed Little Italy into a New York streetscape. The TV series, Beauty and the Beast, is currently filming episodes around the streets of Toronto including a scene earlier that day in Chinatown. The partially closed street was made to look like New York with yellow taxi cabs, an ambulance parked on Palmerston Avenue and NYC street vendors out front. A very realistic "Easton Street" subway station was set up by the curb and fictitious street vendors served up corn and chicken (one passerby even tried to buy a shawarma sandwich). Across the street, the Metro and 24 Hour newspaper boxes were replaced by The Greenwich Intelliger and the New York Ledger, headlines blaring about a police raid downtown. Hey, it's only 50 cents a copy!

Much of the filming took place on College in front of Andy's Pool Hall and the Latvian House heritage building. The Latvian House which is often rented out was recently purchased by Allied Properties and RioCan to the tune of $7.7 million. The developers plan to turn the site into a mixed-use office, retail and residential complex. It's a heritage site and the proposed mixed glass design along with the current façade looks terribly out of character for the neighbourhood. Check out what's being filmed around the streets of Toronto in our Lights! Camera! Action! series.

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