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Here Now, Toronto's 10 Wealthiest Neighbourhoods

A rundown of Toronto's richest neighbourhoods isn't going to result in any shockers, but it's still interesting to see the numbers. Using Global News's interactive map showing Canadian median household incomes, Curbed Toronto extracted the data for all Toronto-area postal codes and shook out the top ten. To no one's real surprise, the area around Lawrence Park ranks highest on the list, with a median annual household income of just over $156K. Most of Toronto's serious money is clustered around the Bridle Path, Rosedale and Forest Hill, with the Kingsway holding down the west side.

10. Forest Hill ($119,364)
9. Yonge & St Clair ($120,678)
8. Glencairn/Bathurst & Eglinton ($124,397)
7. Rosedale ($129,818)
6. North York ($132,447)
5. Leaside ($133,703)
4. Lawrence/Bathurst ($135,475)
3. The Kingsway ($139,243)
2. Summerhill ($150,692)
1. Lawrence Park ($156,174)

It's worth keeping in mind that these income figures are from the 2006 Canadian census, which is the most recent data that's publicly available for this stat. For related info that's a little more up-to-date, we can check out Canadian Business magazine's 2010 average-net-worth figures for the top eight Toronto neighbourhoods; Lawrence Park comes out on top using these numbers, too:

8. Rosedale/Summerhill ($1,744,585)
7. York Mills ($2,038,637)
6. Deer Park ($2,188,135)
5. Forest Hill ($2,546,933)
4. Hogg's Hollow ($2,740,232)
3. St. Andrew-Windfields ($3,447,638)
2. Rosedale ($3,642,533)
1. Lawrence Park ($3,824,165)
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