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Cornerspotted: Get a Big Mac And Fries at Queen and Spadina

[Photo via Google Maps]

You guessed it Curbed readers. The intersection posted yesterday was a 1910 throw back at the corner of Queen Street and Spadina Avenue. Back then, the rich history of Toronto was showcased in the area which included the Mary Pickford Theatre at the southwest corner that was later converted into a "Bargain Benny's" sign shop and then (much, much later) into a greasy unimpressive McDonald's. Hollywood movie star Mary Pickford was born in Toronto at 211 University Avenue, now the site of SickKids Hospital. On the northeast corner, there's a CIBC Bank located in the same historic building back in 1910. Today, Queen West offers some of the best Boxing Day shopping, pubs and a 24-hour streetcar ride. There's also a proposal in the works for a 15-storey condo development at 170 Spadina Avenue, replacing the former vacant Blockbuster Video. Thankfully, the McDonald's on the corner won't be demolished. What do you think should happen at the intersection of Queen and Spadina? Have your say in the comments below.

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