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Honest Ed's Has One Final New Year's Eve Bash Before Closing

Despite the rumours that Honest Ed's Warehouse might close sooner than expected, a new sign on the store and website tell a different story. The hand-painted sign on the building reads, "Hello, we are still open until December 31, 2016." The Mirvish Village block was sold in the fall to Vancouver Developer Westbank Properties and although both companies say nothing would happen to the store anytime soon, the rumours were flying. Some of the store shelves remain empty and last month, the store auctioned off over 1,000 of their hand-painted signs, drawing line-ups around the block. Longtime Markham Street restaurants like Southern Accent are jumping ship early in advance for the impending closure. It will be quite the final New Year's Eve bash on the last day of Honest Ed's.
It's always been my impression that David Mirvish intends to close down Ed's much sooner, but gave the later date to try to lull heritage preservationist and other such meddlers into thinking they have more time to try to get the sign and Mirvish Village designated. I expect to wake up one morning to find the store is closed and the sign has been pulled down overnight. -Curbed Reader
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