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Here Come The Wahlburgers; Blackbird Baking Co. Opens In The Market

OPENING SOONBurgers are great but throw in Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg into the mix, and they become a whole lot better. The city is abuzz with the news that the infamous chain will open in downtown Toronto this summer.

KENSINGTON MARKET – What does the Blackbird Baking Co., a new bakery opening in The Market on Saturday run by Simon Blackwell, have in common with NYC restaurateur legends April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman?

DOWNTOWN – Where does culinary king David Chang go to unwind? Take a wild guess.

OSSINGTON – Like your coffee with a side of cool? Sam James has opened his 4th location.

DUPONT – It was the talk of the town, now everyone is raving about Fat Pasha.