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1950s Decor, Longtime Home Owner Sells After 72 Years

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[Photo via Royal LePage]

This Toronto resident is 96 years old and has lived in the same Jane Street house for over 72 years. Now finally on the market for $699,000, this loveable three-bedroom gem is like travelling back in time and revisiting the 1950s and 60s era. Original furniture, plastic coverings, pink carpet, seafoam wallpaper, and a retro bar in the basement. The reminiscence of TV dinners in the living room and a fun pink rotary telephone in the kitchen. You won't find a flatscreen TV or iPad in any room. This home is so Brady Bunch awesome, it even made its pastel debut on HGTV. This house was loved throughout the years (check out the photo of the grandkids playing in the backyard) but it's begging for a modern day makeover. Sadly, the furniture is not included in the sale—the owner's daughter has dibs on that fabulous dining room set anyways.

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