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The DUKE Condos Are Greening Up The Junction

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[Photos via DUKE]

The Junction neighbourhood is the scene of many midrise condo developments, with new low-profile buildings sprouting up all the time. DUKE Condos cashes in on the neighbourhood's cool, larding its sales website with photos of trendy local businesses and hipster icons like instamatic cameras and pinball machines. The new building is located at 2800 Dundas Street West, near Keele (Dundas = DU, Keele = KE, get it?), and will have 85 units spread over seven storeys. The price list hasn't been released, but studios are starting in the low $200,000 range. The developer, TAS, is partnering with Quadrangle Architects to create a building that uses sustainable design, with a lot of green-thinking features like electrical outlets in 25 percent of the parking stalls, an in-building waste-management and recycling system, and a green roof. If that's not enough proof of their earnestness, DUKE sponsors free outdoor yoga sessions in the community (presumably only in warmer weather).

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